Monday, October 3, 2011

The Rick Perry Mezuzah --Update

I guess I'm behind the curve on this story but I have to admit that it continues to grow on me.

In late June, Governor Perry signed into law a bill that prevents Texas homeowner's associations or condo boards from outlawing the placement of mezuzot no longer than 25 inches on the doorposts of their houses and, presumably upon their gates.  The bill was introduced by a state representative after two his constitutents moved out of their apartment after being told they had to remove a  mezuzah from their door frame.  The couple said they pushed for the new law to protect the rights of other Jews in the future.

Perry, whose credentials as a friend of Israel and the Jewish people are now carved in Jerusalem stone as far as I'm concerned (see previous article), signed it into law immediately.

Within weeks, Tablet Magazine reported The Mezuzah Store had commissioned a strictly limited edition Rick Perry 26 inch Texas-Sized Mezuzah.  The work of art is non-compliant under Texas law but was clearly designed to be a priceless collector's item which pushes the legal limits yet another inch further.

The last time I looked, this one-of-a-kind masterpiece was still available for only $999.99 although the inclusion of scroll upgrades ranging from Kosher to Superior to Alter Rebbe could jack the price up to $1,100.

Among the responses received to this article was one from a gentleman who thought a mezuzah was "one of those obnoxious horns that people blow at soccer matches"  and thought 25 inches sounded about right to him.  Another was from a more knowledgeable respondant who expressed the oft-repeated opinion that "anything over 8 inches is just showing off."

I hope to hear from my rabbinic scholar friends on the halacha regarding whether size matters and to what extent.

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Norwegian Shooter said...

I wish I knew the Yiddish for that was really funny. Keep posting!

Mark Erickson